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Babies do the darndest things…. December 22, 2008

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It’s been a busy week in the Guglielmino household. Joe’s family has been in town and our days and nights are full of great food and lots of time spent adoring little Leo. It was Joe’s birthday last night so after celebrating what Joe claimed was his 29th Bday (he’s 35) we were all just talking and watching Leo sleeping. When he is in a deep sleep he usually doesn’t move much, but sometimes he’ll make sudden movements usually due to being startled by noise. Here is the progression of his hand placement last night. These photos have not been altered in any way…have a good laugh!!



We are hoping he chooses thumb sucking as opposed to nose picking, haha. Love my little man.


2 Responses to “Babies do the darndest things….”

  1. Sofia Says:

    He is SO cute!! I cant WAIT to see all of you!! xoxoxo

  2. Nathalie Says:

    Those pics make me smile!

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