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Wow, what a SUPER Bowl…. February 3, 2009

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I am not a football fan in the traditional sense. I don’t understand the game, however I do enjoy watching it as the background to my lazy Sunday naps. I was excited about this Super Bowl however, because early on in the season I arbitrarily chose the Steelers as my team. We spent the evening watching the game with our neighborhood gang of friends, and given that I have an 8 week old I didn’t actually watch much of the game or the commercials. That is until my friend Jen yelled, “That’s your house!” Yes, they played our Taco Bell commercial during the Super Bowl!!! We were all in shock and so excited. Bummer we don’t get residuals….


One Response to “Wow, what a SUPER Bowl….”

  1. Nathalie Says:

    That is really cool. Your house is famous 🙂

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