Paula, Professor Pocket and Raising a bilingual baby

Is anyone out there?

Still pushing for bilingual babies!! July 21, 2009

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As I mentioned in previous posts I want my little Leo to be bilingual, and I have been diligent about speaking to him mostly in Spanish. It’s amazing now that he is a bit older he is understanding and responding to things Joe and I say. This morning I tested out his comprehension of both languages.

Leo has this awesome fish mobile above his changing table and he and I have a ritual every morning of saying good morning to the sleeping fish. I always say it Spanish, “Leo, dile buenos dias a los pecesitos!” and Joe says it in English. Lately, when we say it he’s really grasping what we are telling him and he looks right at the fish and gets a huge smile.  This morning, I said it in both languages and his eyes went straight to the fish both times. It’s working!!!!

A friend of mine (thanks Danny B) found this great article today and it just reiterated everything I believe in and the reason why Nat and I started Professor Pocket. The business is going through a tough transition, and this article reinforces why we should be super successful one day.


So, so long and so many milestones July 16, 2009

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I guess I’ve been busy because it has been ages since I’ve written. Between work, Leo, Hubby, house etc. the time just seems to fly!

Leo is now 7months 3 weeks old and is just getting cuter, funnier and sweeter every day. He’s had so many milestones since I last wrote, rolling over, teeth, eating baby food, getting in crawling position, and now standing!

He’s so funny, he really doesn’t like being on his belly, he’d much rather stand. We’ve been working on it for a while and today he stood by himself with Joe! It seems like every day he is doing something new, or making a new sound. He’s so curious and interested in everything. He’s got three teeth, two bottom one on top that looks a bit dracula b/c it’s off to the side. He’s getting in the other three top teeth, and then my little baby will be more toddler than baby!

We’ve spent lots of time at the beach with him this summer. He loves playing in the sand and LOVES getting into the freezing California ocean.

Here are some pix of my little bird….