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Still pushing for bilingual babies!! July 21, 2009

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As I mentioned in previous posts I want my little Leo to be bilingual, and I have been diligent about speaking to him mostly in Spanish. It’s amazing now that he is a bit older he is understanding and responding to things Joe and I say. This morning I tested out his comprehension of both languages.

Leo has this awesome fish mobile above his changing table and he and I have a ritual every morning of saying good morning to the sleeping fish. I always say it Spanish, “Leo, dile buenos dias a los pecesitos!” and Joe says it in English. Lately, when we say it he’s really grasping what we are telling him and he looks right at the fish and gets a huge smile.  This morning, I said it in both languages and his eyes went straight to the fish both times. It’s working!!!!

A friend of mine (thanks Danny B) found this great article today and it just reiterated everything I believe in and the reason why Nat and I started Professor Pocket. The business is going through a tough transition, and this article reinforces why we should be super successful one day.


3 Responses to “Still pushing for bilingual babies!!”

  1. marlymb Says:

    My mom is french and my father is spanish! They both talk to me in different languages since I was born! Now I thank them a lot for doing the effort!

  2. Nathalie Says:

    Great article! We should add the link to our website.

  3. nicole in paris Says:

    hi there – just came across your blog. I plan to read it regularly. I am American (so, you know what that means: I only speak English!) and my French husband (and you know what that means:he speaks 4!) and I are going to raise our soon to be born baby bilingually as well.

    I am thrilled at the prospect of having a child who can navigate linguistically in a variety of settings. The baby will be born in Jan 2010.

    Btw – your little Leo is so beautiful!

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