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Still pushing for bilingual babies!! July 21, 2009

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As I mentioned in previous posts I want my little Leo to be bilingual, and I have been diligent about speaking to him mostly in Spanish. It’s amazing now that he is a bit older he is understanding and responding to things Joe and I say. This morning I tested out his comprehension of both languages.

Leo has this awesome fish mobile above his changing table and he and I have a ritual every morning of saying good morning to the sleeping fish. I always say it Spanish, “Leo, dile buenos dias a los pecesitos!” and Joe says it in English. Lately, when we say it he’s really grasping what we are telling him and he looks right at the fish and gets a huge smile.  This morning, I said it in both languages and his eyes went straight to the fish both times. It’s working!!!!

A friend of mine (thanks Danny B) found this great article today and it just reiterated everything I believe in and the reason why Nat and I started Professor Pocket. The business is going through a tough transition, and this article reinforces why we should be super successful one day.


So, so long and so many milestones July 16, 2009

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I guess I’ve been busy because it has been ages since I’ve written. Between work, Leo, Hubby, house etc. the time just seems to fly!

Leo is now 7months 3 weeks old and is just getting cuter, funnier and sweeter every day. He’s had so many milestones since I last wrote, rolling over, teeth, eating baby food, getting in crawling position, and now standing!

He’s so funny, he really doesn’t like being on his belly, he’d much rather stand. We’ve been working on it for a while and today he stood by himself with Joe! It seems like every day he is doing something new, or making a new sound. He’s so curious and interested in everything. He’s got three teeth, two bottom one on top that looks a bit dracula b/c it’s off to the side. He’s getting in the other three top teeth, and then my little baby will be more toddler than baby!

We’ve spent lots of time at the beach with him this summer. He loves playing in the sand and LOVES getting into the freezing California ocean.

Here are some pix of my little bird….




I GOOPed and Liked it! March 17, 2009

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Gwyneth Paltrow has been getting lots of slack about her self-involved, self-promoting website GOOP. I live in LA and you can’t avoid hearing celebrity gossip. LA loves to love celebrities, but they love to criticize them even more. Anyway I finally checked out the site yesterday and I enjoyed reading it. It is a bit self-promoting and self-absorbed but it had some interesting information about travel, food, exercise etc. Since I am on a mission to get my pre-baby body back (haha), I have been searching out the best exercise videos. Gwyneth posted one from her personal trainer that will literally kick your butt. It’s great and I wanted to share it with you too! You can download the Quicktime version to your desktop or ipod. Go get GOOPed…



It’s never to early to learn a second language February 20, 2009

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Now that I have a baby I am living up to the expectation I set for myself even before I had children, which is to raise my little ones bilingually. As a business owner of a bilingual childrens’ company there is no excuse for me, my child must be bilingual! Joe and I made a pact when we found out I was pregnant, I speak Spanish and he speaks in English to the baby. So far so good. I am enjoying singing, reading and talking to Leo in Spanish so much, plus it really is great practice for me and my rusty Spanish. He loves all of the Spanish nursery rhymes that I remember from my childhood, and I have found some classic books in Spanish to share with him as well. Not only that, he is already at 2 1/2 months a huge Professor Pocket fan! He loves the songs and music, and as soon as I can get it on film I will post him listening to his favorite song. Buenas Noches Luna…


Having it all… February 16, 2009

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I remember being 19 in college, taking multiple women studies courses and feeling empowered by the notion that women can have it all. My generation has enjoyed the freedoms of women before us who fought for rights at work, the right to vote, for the right to be anything. I think though, that we women have done a bit of a disservice to ourselves. I think we’ve set our standards way too high and set ourselves up for disappointment. Not to say that a woman can’t do absolutely anything she wants, of course she can. However, I don’t believe in the notion that you can have it all, something always slips. These days it’s not enough to be a working woman and a mom and a business owner. You have to be all of those things and give 100% of your time to each one, (anyone who knows anything about math knows that’s not possible). Yes you can have it all, but it doesn’t mean you won’t have to have serious compromises along the way.

The strangest thing is, that the pressure to be the perfect mom, the perfect employee, the perfect entrepreneur usually comes from women themselves, from our peers from other successful women. You would think since we are all in this crazy ride together there would be a bit more compassion, understanding and a little less competition and expectation.

I have been caught up in the having it all expectation. I just had my first child and I want to be the best mom I can, this is my priority right now, as it should be. Of course in these economic times, there are very few women who can stay home with their children, so I also have a full time job that I will be going back to in April. As the icing on the cake, I am also a business owner. I guess you could say I have it all except for I can’t keep up with it all. I am doing my best, and I think that is what all women are doing. I hope that we all give ourselves a break, show each other some compassion and understanding and lighten up a bit on ourselves. Life is too short to kill yourself trying to have it all.

UPDATE: In response to the comment below I wanted to add a couple of things, I don’t think I was clear. I am TRYING to have it all, but am realizing that it really isn’t totally possible because ultimately you do have to sacrifice something, there just isn’t enough time in the day. Right now, my priority is Leo and I am ok compromising on other things in my life. Anyone who says they have it all without compromise isn’t being honest. Your career takes you away from your family, and your family limits the time you can spend on your career.  Let’s just all do our best to balance everything out, while not pressuring ourselves too much!


Shaka… January 22, 2009

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It has been a while since I posted and I have so much to say but I’ll try to do it in a few posts.

I first have to start by saying that I love being a mommy. My little Leo is the sweetest boy, and is just a big snuggly little bundle of joy. I actually shouldn’t use the word little when describing him since he’s weighing in at about 13 lbs. at 7 weeks. He is a big boy! He’s got friends who were born right around the same time he was and they are about half his size. Not sure where my little giant came from, but it just gives us more to love. Plus, I know he is healthy and growing which is so important.

Last week he started smiling at us when we talk to him. Not gas bubble smiles, but honest I’m smiling at what you are doing smiles. It is the best feeling in the world to see those smiles back at you. I videoed him and will post it as soon as I can upload it. In the meantime though, I have to share the shaka with you all. My little man threw his first shaka when Joe was holding him the other night. Joe, being so ingrained in the surf culture, thought it was the greatest thing ever.

leo-shaka2Then today we found this…

barack_677Barack Obama, the first President EVER to throw a shaka. How friggin amazing is that!!! We knew we liked him for a reason. So the theme for today’s post: shaka bra! Hang loose, live life to the fullest.


A good laugh at new parents… December 11, 2008

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So, we’ve had our little Leo for almost two weeks and Joe and I are in love. He is such a sweet, easygoing baby. Completely kissable and funny too. Joe thinks the little squeaks and noises Leo makes are magic, and he’s nicknamed him Monsieur Squeaky. Funny.

We are getting the hang of this parenting world. Everyone warns you, or tries to tell you what a whirlwind it all is, but until you live it you can’t understand it. The first couple of days home from the hospital were the toughest. Introducing this new person into your everyday life was a challenge, but now I feel like we are settling into a little rhythm. We are starting to understand his cries and noises, gas vs. hunger etc. He is a pretty good sleeper, sometimes giving us 3 ½ hours straight! Not bad for a newborn, I think that is one of the benefits of having a bigger baby.

We have made typical new parent mistakes however. Yesterday we decided to run out together to grab a quick sandwich. I guess I’m still not used to carrying a diaper bag with me at all times, because I forgot it. The plan was grab the sandwich and head home to eat. Joe waited outside with Leo and as I approached him with our lunch, I noticed Joe had taken him out of his car seat. To Joe’s surprise, Leo had pooped and let’s just say the diaper didn’t do its job. There was poop everywhere, on daddy, on Leo, on his car seat, EVERYWHERE. It was at this moment that I realized I had not brought the diaper bag. Lesson learned. Poor Leo had to ride (it was a short one) home covered in poop, and so did poor Joe.

Lesson #1 for new parents: Always bring your diaper bag.