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Still pushing for bilingual babies!! July 21, 2009

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As I mentioned in previous posts I want my little Leo to be bilingual, and I have been diligent about speaking to him mostly in Spanish. It’s amazing now that he is a bit older he is understanding and responding to things Joe and I say. This morning I tested out his comprehension of both languages.

Leo has this awesome fish mobile above his changing table and he and I have a ritual every morning of saying good morning to the sleeping fish. I always say it Spanish, “Leo, dile buenos dias a los pecesitos!” and Joe says it in English. Lately, when we say it he’s really grasping what we are telling him and he looks right at the fish and gets a huge smile.  This morning, I said it in both languages and his eyes went straight to the fish both times. It’s working!!!!

A friend of mine (thanks Danny B) found this great article today and it just reiterated everything I believe in and the reason why Nat and I started Professor Pocket. The business is going through a tough transition, and this article reinforces why we should be super successful one day.


Too cute for words… January 29, 2009

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Sorry for the poor camera work, but come on, how cute is he?


Shaka… January 22, 2009

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It has been a while since I posted and I have so much to say but I’ll try to do it in a few posts.

I first have to start by saying that I love being a mommy. My little Leo is the sweetest boy, and is just a big snuggly little bundle of joy. I actually shouldn’t use the word little when describing him since he’s weighing in at about 13 lbs. at 7 weeks. He is a big boy! He’s got friends who were born right around the same time he was and they are about half his size. Not sure where my little giant came from, but it just gives us more to love. Plus, I know he is healthy and growing which is so important.

Last week he started smiling at us when we talk to him. Not gas bubble smiles, but honest I’m smiling at what you are doing smiles. It is the best feeling in the world to see those smiles back at you. I videoed him and will post it as soon as I can upload it. In the meantime though, I have to share the shaka with you all. My little man threw his first shaka when Joe was holding him the other night. Joe, being so ingrained in the surf culture, thought it was the greatest thing ever.

leo-shaka2Then today we found this…

barack_677Barack Obama, the first President EVER to throw a shaka. How friggin amazing is that!!! We knew we liked him for a reason. So the theme for today’s post: shaka bra! Hang loose, live life to the fullest.


This pretty much says it all… September 23, 2008

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I get weekly updates from BabyCenter regarding where I am in my pregnancy, what to expect, what the baby looks like as well as other helpful advice. This week they had this….it just says it all!

The Joys of Pregnancy!

The Joys of Pregnancy!


The great husband…. September 8, 2008

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So, if I haven’t mentioned it, I will do so now, I have the greatest husband in the world. He has completely entered the “nesting” phase and spent the weekend cleaning, organizing and planning for our little one. While I was at yoga, he took on the task of putting together the crib. He did this in our living room thinking he’d just slide it into the baby’s room no problem. Unfortunately, our doorways are about an inch smaller than the width of the crib, so the poor guy spent Sunday taking the crib apart and putting it back together actually in the baby’s room!

By the way, while he did this, I was shopping for maternity clothes with my mom. I have tried to avoid investing a lot of money on maternity clothes and just creatively using my current wardrobe to get by. However, as I enter month 7 of this journey, I’ve had to face the reality that I can no longer pull off the old closet and I have invested in some maternity things. Although I still feel pretty good, I am getting big! My feet have grown, my energy is not what it used to be, and I am starting to understand why everyone keeps saying the last three months are the toughest.

We are also taking on the task of refinishing our garage. We’ve spent the summer sifting through the junk, having garage sales and packing off the rest of the old furniture etc to the Salvation Army. Now it’s time to get the garage ready to be a useful storage space instead of a dumping ground. Joe is calling it HIS room, since his drum set and toys must be moved out of the baby’s room. He’ll get the garage nice and neat to store all his surf boards, drums etc. Three months to go, but I think we’ll be ready…well as ready as you can be!


To find out…or not to find out? August 1, 2008

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 It’s interesting when I tell people that my husband Joe and I have decided not to find out the sex of our first baby. I get a few reactions, but mostly “Why? How can you do that? Aren’t you dying to know? Don’t you want to be able to buy the right color clothes and set up the nursery?”  Yes, it would be convenient to know, but honestly, I find it so much more exciting to not know. We aren’t the type of parents that would drown a nursery in either blue or pink anyways, so really what does it matter. Since I was little the idea of having the moment when the baby comes out and the doctor says “It’s a ?????” is so exciting to me. I want to experience that, at least with my first. Plus, really what do you need a nursery for the first few months anyway, doesn’t the baby sleep in a bassinet in your room to make midnight breastfeeding a little less difficult? To all of you who found out, great for you! But don’t tell me my not finding out is somehow making it more difficult for you to buy me baby clothes. We are accepting gift cards 😉