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Halloween (Dia de los Muertos) at home… November 1, 2008

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This was to be the last Halloween that Joe and I had alone, without baby. The plan all week was to get together some really great costumes and go to a friend’s Halloween party. But at 8 months along and having worked the whole week and with cankles that look like elephant legs, I just couldn’t do it.

I am someone who sometimes has a hard time not pushing herself to do everything, work, business, keep house clean, attend every social outing etc. But last night I really just couldn’t make myself go. Not only that, Joe and I started lamaze this week and in the book they gave us it says, if your body feels like it needs to rest, then REST!

That’s just what I did last night. No costumes, no parties, no pressure. Just me, Joe and my mom hanging out at home, handing out candy to the neighborhood kids. It was just what I needed. Maybe I’m getting old (no could it be?) or maybe it’s just that I am 8 months pregnant, who knows, but staying at home has become more fun than going out.

Plus, Joe my super creative husband put together a last minute little haunted front yard for our trick or treaters. I have to say, for how last minute it was, it was quite impressive, fog machine and all. Here’s a picture….

Now I look forward to next year’s Halloween when Baby G will be with us, almost a year old and we’ll be taking him/her out trick-or-treating with friends. We can’t wait. Who needs a big party anyway!