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The Name Game…the challenge of boy names? August 15, 2008

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As the birth of Lil’ Chuckie approaches Joe and I have been having a lot more conversations about baby names. Although we have not found out the sex of the baby, for some unknown reason, (and due to many, many wives tales) Joe and I think it’s a boy. Of course, we easily chose the perfect girl name and are completely lost on boy names. Why are boy names more difficult? It seems there is more leeway with girl names, girls can have boy names and it still sounds cute. But for some reason you have to be careful with boy names.


The other major challenge we face in naming Baby G is of course our last name…Guglielmino. Now, my husband will tell you it is the most beautiful name in the world and I should be proud to have it, and I am (in the sense that I am proud to be married to him!) But, Guglielmino doesn’t really roll off the tongue and I fear for my poor child’s future and the number of times he/she will have to spend countless hours spelling it out for people… G-u-g, no that’s another g….


So, when selecting a first name we need to be careful to not make it so long that Baby G won’t learn to spell it till the 8th grade. We also want it to flow nicely with Guglielmino, an obviously Italian (Sicilian to be exact) name. We’ve decided to focus on Italian first names. Joe’s obsession with Italian film makers of the 50’s and 60’s have been an inspiration to us. Michelangelo, Marcelo…you get the idea. Now here is the challenge, you know nicknames will be made and you need to like the nickname as much as the full name. Michael…no too common. Marc…yuk! So those are out.


Last night we were eating at our favorite neighborhood sushi restaurant (no I didn’t eat raw fish) named Kinoya. I have been frequenting our little spot since I was newly pregnant and the staff and owners have sort of adopted Baby G as their own. Baby G has officially been named the First Kinoya Baby. So what about Kinoya for a name? Too confusing to have a Japanese first name and then Italian last name?


To complicate matters even more, and don’t think I forgot about this, we have to take into account family names and meaning. The girl name is a combination of my Italian grandmother and Joe’s Italian grandmother…perfect!  But on both sides of our Italian families, the boy names aren’t so great…Carmelo, Fiori!


Alas, we are without a boy name, so I am here in internet land seeing if anyone has any great ideas? Adios!