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Pregnancy and it’s adverse effects on logic… September 11, 2008

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I’ve officially diagnosed myself with pregnancy brain. I don’t think this is a proven condition acknowledged by medical professionals, but I do know that I have it. My official definition, if those in the medical field would like to add it to their reference books is:


Pregnancy Brain: A loss of logic, common sense and reason due to the increased hormones traveling through a woman’s body during pregnancy.


Example: I work on the 28th floor of a very large building in LA. On multiple occasions throughout the past few months I have


  1. Gotten off on the wrong floor, anywhere from 25 to 27.
  2. Not noticed I am on the wrong floor and actually made my way to where I believe my office is.
  3. Walked into an office with a resident that is shocked to see me enter as if I own the place.


I have also forgotten how to spell…it’s true! I have become addicted to spell check because when I am typing these days my brain is only half focused on what I am writing while the other half is wondering what life will be like with Baby G and what Baby G will look like and will Baby G come out healthy. I make silly mistakes like their and there….


I am hoping the condition passes with the birth of Baby G because I worry that my new found air headed self does not make for a sharp attentive mother. I joke of course, but it has been interesting to notice changes in my sense of reason. Only 11 weeks to go….