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LA, Earthquakes and working downtown! July 29, 2008

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I’ve spent most of my life living in LA so I should be used to the occasional earthquake, but you never do get use to that shock. We just had a 5.8 earthquake, which doesn’t sound that big, but when you are calmly typing at your desk on the 28th floor of the second tallest building in downtown LA, trust me you feel it! This one went on forever it seemd like. I don’t know if this is any sign of how I would be in a true emergency, but I just froze. I sat at my desk (next to three hugh windows that line my office, not smart) and just sort of waited….and waited…and waited till it ended. I should have remembered my grammar school training, duck and cover. It probably felt good to the Baby, (Lil’ Chuckie is what we’ve nicknamed him/her, or Baby G if you prefer), all the swaying and rocking. It’s interesting how everyone really worries about you when you are pregnant. I’d be just another employee, but with this baby inside me everyone was coming by my desk asking if I was ok. Interesting affect babies have on people.