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Praise for the juggling act and the supermom… September 9, 2008

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My super entrepreneur, super mom business partner Nathalie often refers to herself as Juggling Act when posting on blogs or websites. It’s an appropriate name for someone who handles two kids, a new business, a husband and a household!


For the past almost four years I’ve had my own juggling act with a full time job, Professor Pocket, a husband and a household. I am starting to get a bit nervous about adding newborn baby to my existing juggling act.


I plan on taking four months off of work to spend with Baby G so we can get to know each other and all our little habits. I honestly can’t wait to meet the little girl/guy and it’s pretty much all I think about these days. But given all the wonderful things that come with a new baby, I’m also thinking about how I am going to do it all. The first four months I can handle, it’s just Joe, Baby G, Professor Pocket, me and the house. But what happens when you throw in full time job in there? A full time job, by the way, that requires an hour commute to downtown LA each day.


In a perfect world I would be able to stay home and just focus on Baby G and Professor Pocket. But of course the reality of a mortgage, and funding a small business makes it nearly impossible. Plus in this economy, I have to say I am lucky to have my full time job and to be able to pay the mortgage and fund a business.


I have two things going for me though. My employer is great, they are very open and flexible with moms and I am working with them to try to work from home a few days a week. Just taking out the commute a couple days will help. I am also extremely lucky to have lots of family just minutes away already offering to help. My mom, who by the way is the official SUPER MOM of all time, has already offered to take care of my little one. My sister, who has three kids of her own and a part-time job, has offered to take Baby G on the days she doesn’t work. I have to thank my lucky stars that I don’t have to take on the cost of full time daycare.


So this post is for all you super moms and super entrepreneurs and super working moms who do it all and somehow survive it! I hope I can live up to the challenge!