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Politics and ice cream…. November 5, 2008

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This post was supposed to be only about my pregnancy obsession with Haagen-Dazs ice cream, but I do have to throw in a few comments about last night before I go on.


First of all, I don’t care who you ultimately voted for president; the energy, positivity and hope displayed last night at the announcement of Obama as President was historic and completely emotionally overwhelming! I feel like we woke up as a new nation, one that feels like we have a chance at a come back. Not that anything will change immediately, but at least there is someone leading us who brings new ideas, vision and hope. Personally, I am ecstatic!

Now on to some important talk about Haagen-Dazs. As I scooped out the last of my Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream today, I realized something, why don’t I own part of Haagen-Dazs? I’m pretty sure that in the past 8 ½ months I have contributed a fair share of my income to this company. I’ve always been a chocoholic and I’ve always loved my ice cream, but throughout this pregnancy it has taken a life of it’s own. The first trimester was dedicated to H-D Coffee with that hard shell chocolate sauce. Second trimester I evolved to my beloved Chocolate Chocolate Chip. Just in the past couple of weeks, I’ve introduced Chocolate Peanut Butter, oh my!


Now, I do make sure to eat healthy meals in between my bowls of H-D, but lately not a day goes by that I am not helping myself to a nice serving. I went to the doctor today and she said I’d gained two pounds since last week. I thought to myself, (as a means of justifying my actions) “well that sounds about right, I mean this is the time the baby puts on most of its weight.” I’m pretty sure Baby G will be born with the same sweet tooth as his/her mamma…poor kid doesn’t have a chance with as much chocolate as I eat. My only complaint to H-D is that they only make my favorite flavors in the small pint size.

Only 4 weeks to go till Baby G is here!! Wow what a belly…