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Baby G has arrived…. December 7, 2008

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Leonardo Jorge Guglielmino made his appearance one week ago today, November 29th, 2008. As it turns out my little man came out not so little, weighing in at almost 9 pounds!!!! I ended up having a C-section and during surgery the doctor was just as shocked as Joe and I at the length (21 1/2 in) and weight of the baby. I spent a couple of days in the hospital and since we’ve been home we’ve lived in our little Leo world, getting to know him and his habits. Everyone tells you how crazy the first couple of weeks are, but wow, it is a whirlwind! He is a sweet little boy and the past two nights has been sleeping in 3 hour intervals, not so bad! Here are some pictures…welcome my little Leo!



Politics and ice cream…. November 5, 2008

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This post was supposed to be only about my pregnancy obsession with Haagen-Dazs ice cream, but I do have to throw in a few comments about last night before I go on.


First of all, I don’t care who you ultimately voted for president; the energy, positivity and hope displayed last night at the announcement of Obama as President was historic and completely emotionally overwhelming! I feel like we woke up as a new nation, one that feels like we have a chance at a come back. Not that anything will change immediately, but at least there is someone leading us who brings new ideas, vision and hope. Personally, I am ecstatic!

Now on to some important talk about Haagen-Dazs. As I scooped out the last of my Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream today, I realized something, why don’t I own part of Haagen-Dazs? I’m pretty sure that in the past 8 ½ months I have contributed a fair share of my income to this company. I’ve always been a chocoholic and I’ve always loved my ice cream, but throughout this pregnancy it has taken a life of it’s own. The first trimester was dedicated to H-D Coffee with that hard shell chocolate sauce. Second trimester I evolved to my beloved Chocolate Chocolate Chip. Just in the past couple of weeks, I’ve introduced Chocolate Peanut Butter, oh my!


Now, I do make sure to eat healthy meals in between my bowls of H-D, but lately not a day goes by that I am not helping myself to a nice serving. I went to the doctor today and she said I’d gained two pounds since last week. I thought to myself, (as a means of justifying my actions) “well that sounds about right, I mean this is the time the baby puts on most of its weight.” I’m pretty sure Baby G will be born with the same sweet tooth as his/her mamma…poor kid doesn’t have a chance with as much chocolate as I eat. My only complaint to H-D is that they only make my favorite flavors in the small pint size.

Only 4 weeks to go till Baby G is here!! Wow what a belly…



Halloween (Dia de los Muertos) at home… November 1, 2008

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This was to be the last Halloween that Joe and I had alone, without baby. The plan all week was to get together some really great costumes and go to a friend’s Halloween party. But at 8 months along and having worked the whole week and with cankles that look like elephant legs, I just couldn’t do it.

I am someone who sometimes has a hard time not pushing herself to do everything, work, business, keep house clean, attend every social outing etc. But last night I really just couldn’t make myself go. Not only that, Joe and I started lamaze this week and in the book they gave us it says, if your body feels like it needs to rest, then REST!

That’s just what I did last night. No costumes, no parties, no pressure. Just me, Joe and my mom hanging out at home, handing out candy to the neighborhood kids. It was just what I needed. Maybe I’m getting old (no could it be?) or maybe it’s just that I am 8 months pregnant, who knows, but staying at home has become more fun than going out.

Plus, Joe my super creative husband put together a last minute little haunted front yard for our trick or treaters. I have to say, for how last minute it was, it was quite impressive, fog machine and all. Here’s a picture….

Now I look forward to next year’s Halloween when Baby G will be with us, almost a year old and we’ll be taking him/her out trick-or-treating with friends. We can’t wait. Who needs a big party anyway!


It’s raining baby showers…. October 23, 2008

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My family and close friend Amy threw me a baby shower this past weekend, not just any baby shower a really great baby shower! Events like wedding and baby showers can be exhilarating for the person receiving the gifts, however it can be a bit of a drag for those attending, especially when the opening of the presents takes two hours (I have been to showers like these). Now I am not trying to be insensitive to these events and their purpose to shower either the bride or mommy-to-be not only with presents, but also with love, however you do have to keep your guests’ comfort in mind as well.

That’s why this shower was awesome! First off my mom and mother-in-law did an amazing job decorating the house and with the food and snacks. No one left hungry! It was such a unique mix of people, old friends, family, work friends, neighborhood friends that you never quite know how the flow of conversation will be. I must be lucky to have amazing people in my life because everyone was talking with each other and connecting.

Games can also be a challenge at these events. You don’t want to bog your guests down with too many, so they planned only two activities which I thought were awesome. My sister-in-law had each person select a year in the life of Baby G and write/draw/design a birthday card. I have BDay cards for every year of Baby G’s life up to 22 that I get to open on each birthday, how exciting!

Now to the present opening…we kept this quick, efficient and entertaining. First off, I had my lovely 6 year old niece Ana as my assistant and let me tell you she did not mess around. The second one present was open, another was waiting in the wing and all trash had been removed. I believe guests were very pleased with the efficieny of this process.

All in all it was a very fun day and I thank everyone who helped planned it as well as those who attended.

My final tips on planning a great Baby Shower…

1. Always serve plenty of great food. People like to eat while they mingle, it makes them happy!

2. Keep the wine flowing, alcohol can’t hurt. It helps people feel comfortable introducing themselves to new friends.

3. Keep the games to a minimum, one or two tops and make them entertaining and funny!

4. Make sure you have an assistant when it comes to opening presents, someone who will keep you on track. You open, show the gift, while you are showing your guests your assistant is removing trash and setting up the next gift.

Only 6 weeks to go…


A Baby Story…. October 8, 2008

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32 Weeks...

32 Weeks...

I recently made the mistake of watching “A Baby Story” on the TLC channel. I couldn’t get through the whole hour.

I’m sure anyone who’s ever had a baby or dreamed about having a baby has watched this show. For those who aren’t pregnant it will make you long to feel what it’s like to be pregnant and will cause you to call your husband/partner and request that you have a baby asap. For those of us already pregnant, and swollen and emotional it makes us cry. For me the tears weren’t just of joy either.

I have done an amazing job (and will try to continue to do so) of staying positive about my labor experience. Early on in the pregnancy I was so desperate for pregnancy knowledge that I bought and read any book I could get my hands on. Once I realized that sometimes you can reach a breaking point where you just have too much information, I stopped reading, stopped wondering and decided to just enjoy my pregnancy, enjoy the changes in my body and put aside the reality that I will someday in the future have to push this baby out.

Watching “A Baby Story” somehow made everything too real for me. I think I need to hold on to the fact that I still have about 2 months left before I need to face labor, so why worry about it now?

What I noticed not only about “A Baby Story” but also about talking to women who have already had children, is that everyone wants to share their horror story. Is there some sort of prize you existing mothers have for sharing your birth story and making sure that the mother-to-be with whom you are sharing the story understands that yours is THE WORST birth story known to man? I don’t get it? Every mom I have talked to says something along the lines of “It’s the worst thing ever.” Really? Geez, then why do women keep doing it?

Call me naive, but I need to, for my own sanity, believe that labor and birthing is the most natural thing a woman’s body can do and that my body will know what to do when the time comes. Not to say that modern medicine shouldn’t play a role, but I certainly don’t want to go into the experience with the baggage of every mom I have talked to. So as the day approaches, I will continue with my positive visualization, continue to work with my doula (yes I decided to have one) and my husband to prepare my mind and body for the experience and just hope for the best. And if all hell breaks loose, there is always the epidural. To happy labors…


This pretty much says it all… September 23, 2008

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I get weekly updates from BabyCenter regarding where I am in my pregnancy, what to expect, what the baby looks like as well as other helpful advice. This week they had this….it just says it all!

The Joys of Pregnancy!

The Joys of Pregnancy!


Pregnancy and it’s adverse effects on logic… September 11, 2008

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I’ve officially diagnosed myself with pregnancy brain. I don’t think this is a proven condition acknowledged by medical professionals, but I do know that I have it. My official definition, if those in the medical field would like to add it to their reference books is:


Pregnancy Brain: A loss of logic, common sense and reason due to the increased hormones traveling through a woman’s body during pregnancy.


Example: I work on the 28th floor of a very large building in LA. On multiple occasions throughout the past few months I have


  1. Gotten off on the wrong floor, anywhere from 25 to 27.
  2. Not noticed I am on the wrong floor and actually made my way to where I believe my office is.
  3. Walked into an office with a resident that is shocked to see me enter as if I own the place.


I have also forgotten how to spell…it’s true! I have become addicted to spell check because when I am typing these days my brain is only half focused on what I am writing while the other half is wondering what life will be like with Baby G and what Baby G will look like and will Baby G come out healthy. I make silly mistakes like their and there….


I am hoping the condition passes with the birth of Baby G because I worry that my new found air headed self does not make for a sharp attentive mother. I joke of course, but it has been interesting to notice changes in my sense of reason. Only 11 weeks to go….