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It’s raining baby showers…. October 23, 2008

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My family and close friend Amy threw me a baby shower this past weekend, not just any baby shower a really great baby shower! Events like wedding and baby showers can be exhilarating for the person receiving the gifts, however it can be a bit of a drag for those attending, especially when the opening of the presents takes two hours (I have been to showers like these). Now I am not trying to be insensitive to these events and their purpose to shower either the bride or mommy-to-be not only with presents, but also with love, however you do have to keep your guests’ comfort in mind as well.

That’s why this shower was awesome! First off my mom and mother-in-law did an amazing job decorating the house and with the food and snacks. No one left hungry! It was such a unique mix of people, old friends, family, work friends, neighborhood friends that you never quite know how the flow of conversation will be. I must be lucky to have amazing people in my life because everyone was talking with each other and connecting.

Games can also be a challenge at these events. You don’t want to bog your guests down with too many, so they planned only two activities which I thought were awesome. My sister-in-law had each person select a year in the life of Baby G and write/draw/design a birthday card. I have BDay cards for every year of Baby G’s life up to 22 that I get to open on each birthday, how exciting!

Now to the present opening…we kept this quick, efficient and entertaining. First off, I had my lovely 6 year old niece Ana as my assistant and let me tell you she did not mess around. The second one present was open, another was waiting in the wing and all trash had been removed. I believe guests were very pleased with the efficieny of this process.

All in all it was a very fun day and I thank everyone who helped planned it as well as those who attended.

My final tips on planning a great Baby Shower…

1. Always serve plenty of great food. People like to eat while they mingle, it makes them happy!

2. Keep the wine flowing, alcohol can’t hurt. It helps people feel comfortable introducing themselves to new friends.

3. Keep the games to a minimum, one or two tops and make them entertaining and funny!

4. Make sure you have an assistant when it comes to opening presents, someone who will keep you on track. You open, show the gift, while you are showing your guests your assistant is removing trash and setting up the next gift.

Only 6 weeks to go…