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To find out…or not to find out? August 1, 2008

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 It’s interesting when I tell people that my husband Joe and I have decided not to find out the sex of our first baby. I get a few reactions, but mostly “Why? How can you do that? Aren’t you dying to know? Don’t you want to be able to buy the right color clothes and set up the nursery?”  Yes, it would be convenient to know, but honestly, I find it so much more exciting to not know. We aren’t the type of parents that would drown a nursery in either blue or pink anyways, so really what does it matter. Since I was little the idea of having the moment when the baby comes out and the doctor says “It’s a ?????” is so exciting to me. I want to experience that, at least with my first. Plus, really what do you need a nursery for the first few months anyway, doesn’t the baby sleep in a bassinet in your room to make midnight breastfeeding a little less difficult? To all of you who found out, great for you! But don’t tell me my not finding out is somehow making it more difficult for you to buy me baby clothes. We are accepting gift cards 😉